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Floating Dutchman

Floating Dutchman set out to create an original South African rum using the finest local ingredients. Originating in Cape Town in 2016 it took 3 years to perfect the process. From perfecting the fermentation mix to selecting the distilling method, the ambition grew to create an authentic drinking experience that would champion the region. Through a combination of traditional and modern methods we were able to create a truly unique South African experience.

Our Cape Rum is aged in French oak barrels with hints of vanilla and chocolate and masterfully blended for an unrivalled finish.  Our White Rum sees summer fruits and caramel give way to black berried on the palate for a smooth tart finish, while our Spiced Rum is made using a blend of spices and African botanicals, resulting in sweet citrus notes wrapped in a finish of light caramel. 

RRP $67.95 (Cape Rum 43% ABV, Spiced Rum 35% ABV).
RRP $59.95 (White Rum 43% ABV).

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