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Flavorman announces beverage flavour dedicated to 2021

Flavorman, a US-based custom beverage development company, has announced a new drink flavour to sum up 2021 – “Nada Colada”.

Flavorman made headlines in 2020 when it created a drink flavour coined “Dumpster Fire” which helped sum up the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The flavour incorporated spicy, smoky ginger hints alongside bittersweet grapefruit to coincide with the sentiment that the year resembled flaming trash.

For 2021, the Flavorman team has crafted another beverage flavour to sum up another challenging and lackluster year.

The year was filled with slow starts and sudden stops, spinning wheels with little traction and a sense of getting nothing meaningful accomplished.

We waited for the tide to turn and as we took two steps forward and took one or two back.

The Flavorman team has dubbed 2021’s flavor “Nada Colada,” which, if it was a drink, would include no flavour at all, no colour, no sweetness or sour – it would be a bland beverage that tastes like nothing, nada.

“When you think of a ‘nothing’ flavour, you think of flat carbonation or a soft drink without syrup,” says

“When you think of a ‘nothing’ flavour, you think of flat carbonation or a soft drink without syrup,” says David Dafoe, Founder and CEO of Flavorman. “Or, a glass of slightly infused water left stagnant overnight.

“We thought 2021 would be a positive year but it just felt like a slow-motion continuation of 2020 with unfulfilled hope of a return to normal, so we are naming the beverage and flavour ‘Nada Colada’ and hoping next year’s flavour will be much more exciting for us all.

“The positive is that 2022’s flavour should be much more enticing since we’re starting from nothing.”

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