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First ever global beer sponsor announced for Olympic Games

Anheuser-Busch InBev has announced it will be an official sponsor for three Olympic Games, beginning with the Paris 2024 summer event.

The official beer of the games will be the alcohol-free Corona Cero, highlighting AB InBev and the International Olympic Committee’s shared commitment to responsible consumption.

“We are proud to be the first beer sponsor for the Olympics at the Worldwide Olympic Partner level,” says AB InBev CEO, Michel Doukeris.

“Beer is the beverage of moderation and choice, and so it’s only fitting to lead with Corona Cero for this occasion. We look forward to activating at the 2024, 2026 and 2028 games.”

Sports are a strong force for positive change and AB InBev says its brands have a long history of award-winning and responsible sports marketing.

The company says it is excited to reach billions of Olympic fans around the world with the messages of connection, moderation and celebration, and are committed to accelerating continued progress toward responsible alcohol consumption and moderation worldwide.

“As we continue to invest to grow the category, we are excited to bring our beer brands to the Olympics and be a Worldwide Partner for these amazing events,” says AB InBev Chief Marketing Officer, Marcel Marcondes.

“Corona is one of our fastest growing global brands, reaching consumers across 180 countries, and through this partnership, we expect Corona Cero to accelerate no-alcohol beer growth and highlight moderation.

“In the United States we will support the Olympics through the Olympic and Paralympic Games LA 2028 with Michelob ULTRA, a superior light beer that celebrates an active lifestyle.”

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