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Digital solution launches to help Kiwi wineries expand export sales

From next month, New Zealand wine producers will have access to a new online wine marketplace, Wine Collective Direct, to sell their premium wine direct to overseas consumers.

A New Zealand first, Wine Collective Direct provides a highly profitable sales channel for producers, enablingDirect to International Consumer (DTiC) sales to support the prosperity of the New Zealand wine industry.

Wine Collective Direct will support local wine producers in achieving profitability in historically difficult premium and ultra-premium market segments.

Founder Grant Rimmer says the digital solution comes amid the increase of online shopping in the alcohol category.

“We’re delighted to be announcing this exciting development for the New Zealand wine industry at a critical time,” he says.

“In recent years, producers across New Zealand have invested heavily in wine tourism to reach high-end international consumers with a thirst for rare and limited production wines.”

In 2019, NZ Winegrowers reported that 776, 599 international wine tourists visited New Zealand and spent $3.26 billion.

However, COVID-19 has presented challenges to approximately 300 producers in New Zealand, impacted by a decline in international visitors that would traditionally visit for tastings, tours and Cellar Door purchases.

“On the cusp of what was set to be a record year for wine tourism including a massive boost from the America’s Cup, New Zealand producers are now also heavily exposed by the void of international visitors,” says Rimmer.

“Wine Collective Direct will exponentially extend their reach, helping them achieve high-return retail export sales within premium and ultra-premium market segments. Acting collectively, we are stronger, and will go further globally together.”

New Zealand wine producers are invited to register to the DTiC marketplace in February 2021 before it begins rolling out to international consumers.

The initial market launch at the end of March will include Australia and Hong Kong, where the average direct to consumer bottle price (750ml) is NZD $49.23 and NZD $59.60, respectively (source: nzwinehome FY March 20).

According to the latest New Zealand Winegrowers KPIs, the average export price of bulk wine is NZD$4.03/L and packaged wine is NZD $8.75/L, respectively.

Following the launch in the Australian and Hong Kong markets, Wine Collective Direct will then roll out to the UK and USA as well as additional global locations.

“International online wine sales have added export and import compliance complexities that require a specialist approach to achieve high sales conversions,” says Rimmer.

“Off-the-shelf ecommerce platforms cannot handle the intricacies involved with the global export of an alcoholic beverage. Currently only a handful of New Zealand producers offer fully enabled international ecommerce.”

Each wine producer who lists their wines on Wine Collective Direct will have their own branded e-cellar door (microsite) which reflects their individuality and brand personality.

There is a subscription fee of $39.95/month for wine producers to be included on the platform. Wine producers will determine their full share of the sales margin and can adjust and set their pricing when they log in to the site.

“We can’t wait to roll this out nationwide and help New Zealand wine producers achieve boundless growth via one platform,” says Rimmer.

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