The Shout Magazine (New Zealand)

When cider meets wine

rsz_pip__seed_-_summer_trioJacob’s Creek has released Pip & Seed – a new summer drink fusing cider with wine.

The sparkling range is made from apples brought to the Jacob’s Creek winery that are crafted into a cider, which is then blended with white grape juice to create the unique taste.

With a choice of three varieties – Crisp, Sweet and Fruity – Pip & Seed comes in 500ml bottles and is low alcohol at 4.5%.

“Pip & Seed is the delicious union of crisp apples and aromatic grapes resulting in a uniquely refreshing cider and wine fusion, made in the great-tasting style of Jacob’s Creek,” says Jacob’s Creek Winemaker, Ben Bryant.

The three varieties are blended as follows:

Crisp – ‘light and refreshing’ cider blended with Sauvignon Blanc and Moscato Bianco.

Sweet – ‘juicy and luscious’ cider blended with Pinot Grigio

Fruity – ‘sweet and delicious’ cider blended with Moscato varieties.

Pip & Seed has an RRP of $5.99 a bottle.