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A world first: Heineken Light set to launch in NZ

rsz_1nzln-heineken_light_12_pack_shotHeineken, the world’s most international premium beer and the leader in New Zealand’s premium beer category, is readying itself for the launch of Heineken Light into the New Zealand market.

The arrival of this exciting innovation from the Dutch brewing giant is in response to the changing needs of Kiwi consumers. The result is the development of a 2.5% premium lager that offers an extraordinary smooth drinking experience with a superior taste profile brewed using all malt to provide a flavoursome foundation. The Cascade hops used impart special floral and citrus notes, along with a light bitterness. Heineken Light is fermented using Heineken’s proprietary ‘A’ yeast and unique long fermentation process that develops full flavour and mouthfeel.

The new product gives Kiwis a great tasting, refreshing Light beer without compromising on taste or forgoing the premium badge value of a Heineken, and is the perfect beer to extend any social occasion.

A Heineken NZ spokesperson explains: “We are hugely proud to have produced a world first 2.5% Heineken Light to address the changing consumer tastes here in New Zealand. This premium Light beer is an exciting innovation for Kiwis which delivers on the uncompromising quality and taste that they have come to expect from Heineken”.

New Zealand will become just the third country in the world to launch Heineken Light following a successful roll out in the United States and Taiwan. The launch of a 2.5% Heineken Light, however, is a world first for the brewer. Developed specially for New Zealand consumers, it meets the country’s legislative requirements for Light beer products to have alcohol content of 2.5% or below.

Heineken Light is the single biggest product launch for the brand since entering the New Zealand market in 1994, and will be available across the country from September 7th 2015.