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Why you should tap into draught cocktails in your on-premise 

As draught cocktails and mixed drinks continue growing in popularity amongst New Zealand consumers, the on-premise is supplying to demand.

CGA by NIQ’s February New Zealand On Premise Pulse+ Report analysed at the current landscape of draught/tap cocktails and mixed drinks, with essential insights for suppliers, brands, and operators looking to tap into this developing trend.

The report confirms an awareness of draught/tap cocktails and mixed drinks among New Zealand consumers, with more than a third noticing these offerings when eating and drinking out.

But negative perceptions are the primary barrier to widespread adoption – this is because many consumers believe draught/tap versions can’t match the quality of a bartender-made cocktail.  

However, 42% of consumers are warming to the trend as the quality of these solutions improve, indicating a growing openness to draught/tap serve types.

A key finding, according to CGA by NIQ, is consumer inclination towards classic cocktail types from draught/tap systems.

This indicates familiarity might play a leading role in acceptance, with half of consumers expecting to see classic cocktails available on draught/tap.

The data also reveals a third of consumers are open to trying ‘classic cocktails with a twist’.

Furthermore, consumers are recognising the benefits of draught/tap options, including less waiting time due to ease and speed of service, perceived lower prices than traditional mixed drinks, and consistency of flavour.  

For all these combined reasons, innovation within familiar frameworks could be a successful strategy for drinks brands, suppliers, and operators.

Additionally, CGA by NIQ says there’s a clear opportunity to overcome the scepticism of risk-averse consumers by leveraging bartender recommendation and providing free samples.

With a third of consumers still doubtful about draught/tap alternatives matching bartender craftsmanship, endorsement by trusted bartenders can influence perception.

Overall, the report suggests capitalisation on growth potential in this segment when brands, suppliers and venues align their offerings with popular classic cocktails and implement strategies for low-cost trials.

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