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Two years in the making: Speight’s. We Will.

rsz_screen_shot_2015-03-04_at_105715_amIt is widely believed that the Speight’s brand knows a thing or two about the Kiwi bloke, and if there’s one thing it can say about his character, it’s that he’s there for his mates: whether it’s to help build a deck, play a game of touch or simply have a cold beer and a barbie. They say that when a bloke asks his mates who will give him a hand the answer will always be “we will”, and have launched a new nationwide campaign around just that phrase.

Called We Will, it features Little Henry, a not-so-little Kiwi bloke who asks his mates to help him create his dream shed, and gets the response befitting a bunch of worthy blokes.

It is a completely new campaign for Speight’s that’s been two years in the making, and in keeping with the core that drives what Speight’s does – a pride in knowing what matters and saying “yes” when your buddy is in need.

The TVC was filmed in Dunedin over three days in December 2014, and hits TV screens on Sunday (March 1).

Ben Wheeler, Category Marketing Director from Speight’s, says he wanted this campaign to show the understated bond between Kiwi men and their mates.

“When a mate needs a hand, great Kiwi blokes are the first to put their hat in the ring and front up – without any fuss or expectation of anything in return. We wanted to capture this Kiwi can-do attitude, and the way they chill out after a day’s work together – by sharing a cold Speight’s.”

DDB’s Scott Wallace, who was part of the team which created the We Will campaign, said: “This campaign captures the essence of ‘mateship’ by demonstrating that with real mates, there are no questions when someone needs a hand – just a thumbs up.”

“It’s what Speight’s is all about – the things that matter.”

The We Will campaign will be running over winter, with further marketing activities across the year to help build Kiwi mens’ mateship – including a chance to win one of 10 Speight’s sheds.