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The world’s most valuable and strongest beer brands revealed

Mexican beer brand Corona Extra has reclaimed its position as the world’s most valuable beer brand, according to the Brand Finance Beers 50 2024 report.

Corona surpassed Heineken (up 18% to USD 9.0 billion), with a 40% brand value increase to USD 10.4 billion, solidifying its position as the most valuable brand and making it the fastest-growing beer brand globally.

Despite the tough economic pressures being felt around the world, most of the beer brands in the top 10 of Brand Finance’s report saw their value increase.

Only Bud Light, which went from US$5.95bn in 2023 to US$5.43bn in 2024 and Kirin which went from US$3.16bn to US$3.13bn declined in value from last year. Those beers ranked fourth and ninth respectively.

“Corona has once again reclaimed the title of the world’s most valuable beer brand, a position it previously held for four consecutive years between 2019-2022,”says Henry Farr, Associate Director, Brand Finance.

“This reaffirms the brand’s leadership and mirrors evolving consumer preferences for premium and quality offerings.

“It also offers insights into the broader landscape of the beer industry, where brands committed to quality and innovation are redefining market standards.”

Four additional Mexican beer brands feature in the ranking: Modelo Especial (brand value up 24% to USD 5.2 billion), Tecate (brand value up 26% to USD 2.0 billion), Victoria (brand value up 22% to USD 1.5 billion), and Dos Equis XX (up 16% to USD 841 million). Mexico is the second most represented country in the whole ranking, behind the US, where nine brands are featured in total.

Tsingtao brews success as the world’s strongest beer brand

China’s Tsingtao (brand value up 21% to USD 2.6 billion) is the world’s strongest beer brand, with a Brand Strength Index (BSI) score of 87.0 out of 100.

Tsingtao maintains a robust presence at home and abroad, with its products now available in more than 100 countries worldwide.

Through strategic partnerships with distribution channels, Tsingtao continues to fortify its position in key markets, ensuring its widespread accessibility and market growth, according to Brand Finance.

Recently, the brand unveiled a new non-alcoholic alternative, showcasing its dedication to adapting to changing consumer preferences.

Tsingtao is not alone in its pursuit of international markets. For years, Asian beer brands have been expanding into Western territories.

Notably, Japan’s Asahi Group Holdings and Kirin (brand value down 1% to USD 3.1 billion), have made significant inroads into Western markets through strategic acquisitions and partnerships, demonstrating a longstanding trend of globalisation in the beer industry.

The world’s 10 most valuable beer brands are:

2024 Position2023 PositionBrand2024 Value (USD)2023 Value
12Corona Extra$10.389m$7.425m
44Bud Light$5.426m$5.949m
55Modelo Especial$5.243m$4.241m
1010Miller Lite$2.940m$2.701m

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