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The Wine Auction Room launches in NZ

A new way to buy and sell fine wine and spirits has launched in New Zealand, with the opening of The Wine Auction Room.

The brainchild of wine auction specialist Reece Warren, The Wine Auction Room sources the best rare and fine wines and spirits for clients around New Zealand to be sold and purchased through live and online auctions.

With more than 30 years’ experience in the wine industry, Warren and his team are dubbed the ‘Wine Maven’s, having  grown grapes, sold prestige brands, heaved barrels and lugged cases.

“[This year], perched in New Zealand and inspired by the fruits of our labour, we believed it was time that the loyal (and novice) wine enthusiast had access to an interesting variety of wine,” says Warren. “We know that we are not alone in our love for rare and fine wine and are thrilled to help others access these products on the secondary market.”

The Wine Auction Room specialises in curated auctions for rare and fine wines and spirits, but they also value clients’ wine collections and help novice wine-buyers start their cellars.

“One of the things I love about working in the wine industry is turning people on to wine, showing them something that they have never experienced before and seeing their absolute delight,” says Warren.

“What the auction market does give people is the opportunity to procure wines that are no longer available anywhere else in the world. And we get a lot of wines like that.”

And to ensure sales and purchases are as safe as possible, The Wine Auction Room is New Zealand’s first accredited member of, ensuring the company is up-to-date with breaking international news of wine thefts, bad sources of wine and discovered frauds.

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