The Shout Magazine (New Zealand)

The best thing since sliced bread?

Two classic Kiwi brands, Moa and Vogel’s, have joined forces this spring to create their new Mixed Grain Toasted Ale – a beer brewed from bread.

A lightly hopped beer, the teams’ new ale is made using more than 400kg of the Kiwi favourite, Vogel’s Original Mixed Grain bread and a toasted malt to give a beer full of character.

But while brewing with bread might be new to Moa’s product stable, historic records dating back to 4000 BC show the Sumer people of Mesopotamia also fermented bread to create a ‘divine drink’. That tradition was carried on by the ancient Babylonians in 2000 BC, who were known to have brewed 20 different varieties of the beverage.

Vogel’s and Moa’s own ‘divine drink’ is made in Marlborough with Vogel’s bread baked in the South Island, and Moa CEO Stephen Smith says the collaboration is a slice of toasted perfection.

“The Mixed Grain Toasted Ale shows what good can come when two dedicated brands combine their creative talents,” he says.

“We’re excited that Vogel’s wanted to create something special with us and we know New Zealanders will enjoy raising a toast with this brew.”

Simon Cheape from Vogel’s agrees Moa was the ideal partner for this collaboration.

“Vogel’s and Moa are both dedicated to their craftsmanship and to using quality ingredients in their products. This ale is a celebration of these things” he says. “We’re excited to help create New Zealand’s first ever branded beer made from bread.”

The Mixed Grain Toasted Ale will be in stores and on tap from 30 September – and will be available for as long as it lasts!