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Taylor the temperature for summer!

Australian family-owned winery Taylors Wines is calling for Kiwis to better their wine drinking experience throughout the sweltering summer by chilling their reds and slightly warming their whites. This is an odd concept for the large majority who have been shelving their reds for cooler evenings in the belief they should be solely served at room temperature whilst serving whites crisp and fridge cold.

On the contrary, Taylors Wines third generation Managing Director and Winemaker Mitchell Taylor affirms that this much followed advice is having a negative impact on the flavour of our favourite Shiraz, Pinot Noir or Sauvignon Blanc.

Temperature sensors on the bottle

The impact temperature has on wines can be drastic when it comes to the flavours and aromas that disappear in the summer heat. Luckily for us, Taylors Wines has Optimum Drinking Temperature Sensors on the back of its Promised Land and Estate wines – a temperature sensor that uses thermo-chromatic ink technology, which changes colour depending on the temperature of the wine. By simply swiping a thumb over the sensor on the back of the bottles, users can assess whether the wine is ready to drink using a simple colour-coded chart – with sensors for whites and sparkling wine turning green when they are just right to pour, and the sensor for red wines turning fuchsia.

While care and attention is taken to serve wine at the right temperature in bars and restaurants, this often isn’t considered when drinking wine at home, especially in the hot months. The Optimum Drinking Temperature Sensor technology enables consumers to enjoy the flavours and aromas of their wines as they are designed to be experienced.

Mitchell Taylor says most wine lovers don’t realise how much impact the New Zealand climate has on the quality of wine.

“This has been an exceptionally hot summer, but we don’t want that to stop Kiwis enjoying their wines at their best. While our winemakers take great care throughout the creation of our products, the ‘room temperature’ misconception for reds and ‘fridge chilled’ misconception for whites can rob our wines of their nuanced flavours and finesse,” Mitchell says.

“Drinking great wine should be easy, and with our sensors acting as a simple solution to this relatively complex art, Kiwis can effortlessly enjoy wine the way the winemaker intended.”

The ‘room temperature’ advice surrounding red wine originates from medieval French drawing rooms, which were a chilly 14˚C to16˚C. With the temperature of the average Kiwi home far exceeding this temperature, particularly in summer, it’s no surprise that our red wine is at risk of losing its complex characteristics.

And while nothing may seem more refreshing than a crisp glass of Riesling poured straight from the fridge, chilling a white wine too cold can mask its flavours and aromas, making its acidic flavours more pronounced.

Instead, Mitchell Taylor suggests chilling your red wine in the fridge 30 minutes prior to serving. This will chill the wine slightly, turning the seahorse temperature sensor a bold fuchsia colour when reaching the optimum temperature.

When it comes to whites, pull your white wine from the fridge 30 minutes prior to enjoying, allowing the wine’s unique aromas and flavours enough time to open up and turning the sensor a crisp green.

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