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Steinlager launches Sponsorship of Champion Free Diver

Steinlager Pure has launched a sponsorship of a 15 time world record holding New Zealander – William Trubridge – with a moving national ad campaign.


Free diver William Trubridge in the Bahamas

Trubridge is a world champion free diver based in the Bahamas, who pushes himself to extreme limits of physical and mental endurance and holds the current world record for an unassisted free dive.

Operating on a set of lungs that have been intensely trained to hold 8.1 litres of air (average is around 6 litres) – in 2010 he set the current world record of 101 metres.

While fellow record-breaking Kiwi’s have scaled great heights, conquering the top of the world, William Trubridge dives to its dark depths, in the pure pursuit of excellence.

Trubridge shares: “The appeal of free diving is how different it is to any other sport. The fact we’re completely immersed in liquid; a single breath, the weightlessness, the absence of sounds, the dullness of the colours…everything is subtracted.”

At 100 metres deep, there’s no longer light, sound or gravity as we know it – everything is stripped away, leaving just the diver and his mental strength, stamina and resilience.

Michael Taylor from Steinlager, comments, “We’re excited to get behind Will as he continually trains and challenges himself in his sport. He’s an amazing New Zealander doing outstanding things on a world stage – he epitomizes the indomitable Kiwi spirit, and we are excited about giving William the recognition he deserves by encouraging the support of the nation.”

There is symmetry between Trubridge’s poetry for his sport and the simplicity of Steinlager Pure, which contains only four New Zealand sourced ingredients – water, barley, hops and yeast.

“The way William describes his sport underlines the parallels in his pursuit for purity with our own Steinlager Pure. No unnecessary ingredients, just absolute simplicity at its best, from the world’s purest place,” says Taylor.

Though he has a global reputation for his free diving success, William Trubridge is relatively unknown in his home country of New Zealand.