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Sprig and Fern Brewery’s new glass bottle range

Nelson-based Sprig & Fern Brewery has announced a major addition to its product portfolio with 888ml glass bottle singles of a range of its award-winning craft beer, available from early April 2019. The Sprig & Fern Brewery 888ml glass bottles come in seven varieties – A.P.A, I.P.A, Pilsner, Scotch Ale, Tasman Reserve, and two brand new brews: Dry Hopped Pilsner and West Coast I.P.A. Sprig & Fern Brewery is also releasing three new 500ml singles, perfect for the on-premise venue looking to trial the award-winning craft offering.

The new 500ml glass offerings are:

This champion British ale won at the 2016 Brewers’ Guild Beer Awards. Brewed in the English Best Bitter style, the combination of five malts gives Sprig & Fern’s British Best the ideal balance of malt sweetness. The addition of crystal malt and caramalt adds well-rounded toffee and biscuit characteristics.

Brewed with a combination of five malts and featuring luscious chocolate aromatics and flavour, this dark and creamy chocolate beer indulgence is smooth and silky to the last drop.

A moderately hoppy and tasteful American Pale Ale brewed with all- American hops giving an abundance of tropical fruit, stone fruit, and citrus characteristics.

“We believe that as leaders in our industry we have a role to play in providing glass packaging alternatives for our customers,” says Lee Brown, General Manager, Sprig & Fern Brewery. “Our customers have been asking us for a competitively-priced, larger, resealable glass bottle. We have also expanded our 500ml range, and have a 330ml glass range available. Ensuring that we are responding to environmental sustainability considerations is something that’s very important to us. We also understand the importance of display appeal and have carried the packaging design that earned us a 2018 Brewers’ Guild of New Zealand packaging trophy through into the new ranges.”

Sprig & Fern real craft beers are 100% natural and unpasteurised to retain maximum flavour. Master Brewer Tracy Banner heads the small and enthusiastic Sprig & Fern brewing team that collectively has more than 50 years of commercial brewing experience. Every Sprig & Fern batch is hand brewed with a level of care and an attention to quality that has earned it a great reputation among craft beer drinkers.