The Shout Magazine (New Zealand)

Seltzer fun-days

Leave the bottle-opener at home and take a foolproof approach to sundowners with LF Seltzer’s botanical twist on a much-loved tipple.

Three ready to drink wine-based seltzers take award winning New Zealand Leftfield wines and infuse a dash of free-spirited freshness in a Kiwi first launching just in time for all your portable summer drinking needs.

Tastebuds will be tantalised with newcomer LF Seltzer’s three delectable flavours. The freshest of the bunch, Yuzu, Mint & Cucumber with Sauvignon Blanc, celebrates zesty in all its glory rounded out with a clean finish, the Pear & Ginger with Pinot Gris spices up the scene with a subtle sharpness and full-bodied flavour and for lovers of sweet the fragrant and oh so moreish Strawberry & Hibiscus with Rosé will be hard to resist.  

“At Leftfield we always strive to bring fun and creativity to everything we do,” says Leftfield’s winemaker Richard Painter.

“Refreshing, clean and delicious is what our tribe said they were after so we got to work, crafting LF Seltzers from our unique Leftfield wines, sparkling water and natural botanical flavours – the ideal accompaniment to those perfect sun-soaked days. I am thrilled to share our creations with the world.” 

Fancy with a side of fun, LF Seltzer is for those who want some balance with their bevvy, with just 68 calories and less than 1 gram of sugar per serve. 

For those after a tasty quaff, LF Seltzer is delivered in 100 per cent recyclable packaging, retails for $15.99 for a 4-pack (4.8% alc/vol in each of the 250 ml cans) and is available at all good liquor stores.

If a vodka seltzer is more to your liking, check out Smirnoff’s take here.