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RTDs are finally mainstream, according to ProSpirits 2024

Ready-to-drink beverages featured prominently at ProWein 2024 with its new branded world ProSpirits.

Alongside the no-&-low alcohol products already presented as a trend last year, RTD is in focus this year, writes ProWein’s Jürgen Deibel.

Classics in this category like rum/whisky & Coke or gin & tonic are widely available on the market.

Rum-based cocktails (e.g. punches) and Rhum Arrange featured in the ranges of Rhum Damoiseau from Guadeloupe or from Mauritius. Proving a special eye-catcher there was the “Sundowner” based on rum from Mauritius.

RTDs are not only produced on the basis of spirits, the category also includes products based on wine.

These – just like the non-alcoholic RTDs – are becoming more and more popular and wine-based, low-alcohol RTDs were offered by (amongst others) Cherubino Valsangiacomo with a selection of Aigua de Valencia, Un Abrazo Perfecto or Sangria Vittore at ProSpirits.

Artificial Intelligence meets ready-to-drink

In cooperation with trend and packaging design agency WIN Creating Images, winery Katlenburger Kellerei GmbH & Co. used AI to launch Europe’s first 100% AI-generated ready-to-drink cocktail.

From the recipe and the naming, to packaging design and communication materials, every element of this extraordinary RTD cocktail was generated by AI and introduced to the trade audience at ProWein 2024 for the first time.

The future of the RTD segment

The Ready-to-Drink category (RTD) is expected to grow by 12% between 2022 and 2027 reaching sales of USD 40 billion by 2027 on 10 key markets.

This growth will be driven by the most important sub-category cocktails and long drinks as well as by products in the premium-price segment and above.

ProWein 2024 with its brand world ProSpirits provided a multi-faceted overview of RTD and proved a focal port of call for retail, food service and the bar community.

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