The Shout Magazine (New Zealand)

New Hop Federation Server Not Found XPA

Hop Federation’s limited release, Server Not Found XPA, is crisp, super clean and well-balanced with bold hop aromas from the combination of Riwaka, Moutere and Waimea hops packed into it.

Chief Brewer, Simon Nicholas, says “At 4.7% ABV, our new XPA is on the lighter side for craft beers, making it the perfect beer to enjoy while switching off the phone and chilling out in the sunshine with mates.” 

He adds, “The XPA (Extra Pale Ale) style sits between an APA and IPA, with a light malt base that allows the hop flavours to stand out. It’s a style with broad appeal, from beer connoisseurs to those looking to get into the world of craft beer. This is a brew we’re super proud of.”

For details on pricing and ordering information, contact brews@hopfederation or visit