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Archie Rose Native Botanical Vodka

Native Botanical Vodka is a truly Australian vodka that celebrates native botanicals, carefully distilled in copper vacuum stills to eliminate the adverse impacts of heat and create botanical distillates for clarity and distinct flavour.

Named Australia’s Best Botanical Vodka at the World Vodka Awards 2022 (USA), Archie Rose Native Botanical Vodka was created with the classic vodka and soda serve in mind. Infused with native lemon-scented gum and sunrise lime along with Australian peach and Roman chamomile, Native Botanical Vodka celebrates raw Australian ingredients and flavour.

“Our goal for this product was to take vodka to a point where it has just as much right to be on the table or behind the bar as gin. It’s no less interesting and it’s no less complex – it has just as much reason to be in drinks because it’s genuinely making the drink better, it’s not just providing the booze. Native Botanical Vodka genuinely drinks better,” – Will Edwards, Founder of Archie Rose.

Drawing on the new copper pot/column hybrid stills at its Botany distillery has allowed Archie Rose to cold distil botanicals, eliminating the damaging impact of heat to draw out an irresistibly nuanced flavour profile that has taken this vodka to another level.

Archie Rose is lucky enough to have access to some of Australia’s most incredible domestic produce, which is why highlighting and championing local ingredients is at the core of every product they release.

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