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Print specialists say craft beer labels are getting more and more outrageous

Beverage label printing specialists Adhesif Print says that craft beer labels have become more and more outrageous.

In a press release, Adhesif Print says many brewers are now turning to and creating innovative names and eye-catching labels for their craft beer brands and that many other producers are now realising how important labelling is to their brand.

You only need to look at Behemoth for an ideal example. Their ‘Dump the Trump’ beer went viral due to its creative name and labelling.

Other brands choose to go for a more Kiwi approach, with Kereru incorporating some local lingo in their beer ‘Roundest Boi’.

“They are suddenly hopping on board with this trend of creating new and exciting labels to capture the attention of an audience distracted by so many choices,” says Adhesif Print.

“The new trend of shrink sleeve labelling allows brands to create an eye-catching label that enwraps the whole bottle, including the lid, as opposed to a standard adhesive label that sits on the front of a wine or beer bottle.”

Adhesif says brands sticking to stock-standard branding techniques are rapidly falling behind those who are revamping their image to something more exciting.

“Other industries are sure to follow suit, using labels as a way to showcase the best of their brand in a way that stands out on the shelves.”

Organisers of the Pride In Print Awards agree that craft beer producers are choosing more creative labels in order to stand out from the crowd.

“The labels we are seeing are more technical and have a wider use of embellishments,” says awards judge, Alex Straight.

He says flatbed embossing and foiling has done a full circle and made a return on a much larger scale.

“There’s more and more craft beer brewers around the country which is the reason we’re getting more of these labels [entered].”

Straight also says that Kiwi boutique distilleries are following suit with sculptured embosses on labels and a greater use of premium stocks.

Winners of the Pride In Print Awards will be announced at a gala dinner on June 25 at the Cordis Hotel in Auckland.

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