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Panhead develops a vending machine that operates via electric guitar

Wellington brewery, Panhead Custom Ales, has developed a vending machine that operates via electric guitar and is strictly controlled by the musical abilities of the user.

Filled with a selection of Panhead Custom ales such as Supercharger APA, Quickchange XPA and Port Road Pilsner, the only way to ‘pay’ for a beer is by adequately slaying a guitar riff.

Equipped with a fully-custom Explorer guitar, sub and beer tap guitar stand, the ‘Slay to Pay’ vending machine uses the power of AI audio fingerprinting to rate people’s guitar skills in real-time, and distributes a beer to those it deems worthy.

“It’s essentially a souped up guitar hero for adults,” says Panhead Custom Ale’s Rebecca Sinclair.

“As far as we know, this is a first-of-its-kind machine with some pretty cool new tech and the best kind of reward for those willing to give it a go. No one has done this before.

“As a brewery that’s all about living loud, pushing the boundaries and customisation, the machine was the perfect combination of a couple of our favourite things, cold beer and really loud music.

“We gave it its first run at the Panhead Rolling Stone Music Awards and it turns out it’s pretty ruthless. It rejected some of the best guitarists in the country.”

Sinclair says guitarists keen to conquer Slay to Pay should keep an eye on Panhead’s Instagram page for updates.

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