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One Brew To Rule Them All

NZLN-Brew to rule them allHarrington’s Breweries SobeRing Thought created for the filming of the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit is back by popular demand.

Family owned Christchurch brewery, Harrington’s Breweries has partnered with Warner Bros. Consumer Products Australia and New Zealand (WBCP) to bring its specialty low alcohol beer, SobeRing Thought, back to New Zealand.

Originally released in 2003, SobeRing Thought was developed to provide The Lord of the Ring’s cast and crew with an authentic beverage that looked, tasted and smelt like beer, containing one per cent alcohol, so performances remained solid and bow and arrows remained steady.

Now an ubiquitous Middle-earth icon, fans have been championing its return since the limited run ended in 2012 with the wrapping of production of the final film.

SobeRing Thought will contain the same full bodied great taste it always has, now with updated packaging featuring new character images and scenes.

SobeRing Thought is available in select supermarkets and bottle shops across New Zealand in four packs or slabs of 330ml, starting at RRP NZ$16.99 per four pack.

Harrington’s Breweries is a family owned brewery crafting beer since 1991 in Christchurch.