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NZ supermarkets appeal against alcohol policy

NZLN-NZ supermarkets appeal-HamiltonNew Zealand’s biggest supermarket chains have filed appeals against Hamilton’s proposed new liquor laws.

The Hamilton City Council confirmed that Progressive Enterprises and Foodstuffs North Island Ltd have lodged appeals against the city’s provisional local alcohol policy (LAP). The council adopted the provisional LAP in November, 2015, with the policy notified on January 27. Under the provisional LAP, off-licence businesses are restricted to selling alcohol from 7am to 9pm.

The policy also limits where off-licences can be established and restricts them from being located next to, or facing, a school. Progressive Enterprises and Foodstuffs North Island have appealed those restrictions. Without a LAP, the trading hours for off licences would revert to 7am to 11pm.

Developing LAPs have been a fraught process for councils across the country with supermarket chains and liquor wholesalers appealing the policies to the Alcohol Regulatory and Licensing Authority (ARLA), formerly the Liquor Licensing Authority.

Te Whanau Roopu O Aotearoa-Komiti Maori have also submitted an appeal against Hamilton’s provisional LAP, arguing the total number of off-licence businesses needs limiting.