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New Zealand Wine Guide wins Gourmand Best Wine Tourism book

rsz_celia_hay_receives_gourmand_world_book_award_Celia Hay’s New Zealand Wine Guide has won the Gourmand World Book Award’s Best in the World title for Wine and Tourism.

“It’s a special thrill to win this award and to enjoy the industry recognition that goes along with such a prestigious title.  But of more importance is that the award helps shine the light on New Zealand as a key wine tourism destination. There are enormous opportunities in this tourism niche that need to be explored and developed in the next few years,” says Celia Hay.

The New Zealand Wine Guide offers a comprehensive review of the spectacular growth of New Zealand’s wine industry. It focuses on wine regions, using a selection of local maps, explanation of grape varieties and winemaking processes with useful diagrams and breath-taking photographs from well-respected winemaker/photographer, Kevin Judd.

“Each year, at the New Zealand School of Food and Wine, we attract more and more international visitors who want to explore our wine culture and in turn become captivated by the bright fruit aromas of our wines,” adds Hay. ‘The New Zealand Wine Guide sets out a programme that has evolved since I first starting teaching about wine in 1995 under the watchful eyes of my mentors, Professor Don Beaven and Danny Schuster.”

“You can drink wine but there often comes a point where you want to know more. What attracts you to a particular wine? And there is a story behind every label because wine can offer a unique sense of place, of provenance. The challenge is to sip and discover.”

The Gourmand World Book Awards are the inspiration of Edouard Cointreau (Cointreau family and Cordon Bleu) and this year celebrate their 20th anniversary.  In 2015, the Awards have been held in Yantai, located in Shandong province, China. Bounded by the Yellow Sea, Shandong is China’s leading grape growing region with significant Chinese Government and international investment in vineyards and winemaking facilities.