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New CEO for Appellation Marlborough Wine

Appellation Marlborough Wine (AMW) has announced Michael Wentworth as its Chief Executive Officer from 15 April, 2024 in a new position within the member-led organisation.

With global recognition of Appellation Marlborough Wine on the rise, the recruitment of a Chief Executive Officer was deemed essential to the organisation’s continued success.

“AMW is the future of Marlborough’s wine industry,” says AMW Chair, John Buchanan. “Our members are leading wine growers with a long-term commitment to protecting and enhancing our region.

“Our board was unanimous in its decision to seek out an exceptional CEO to support our efforts and drive the organisation forward.”

Michael Wentworth brings a wealth of experience to AMW, with more than 20 years working directly with New Zealand wineries in sales, marketing, operations and sustainability roles.

He holds diplomas in Wine Business and Wine Sensory Analysis, as well as a Bachelor of Horticulture (Hons).

“What Appellation Marlborough Wine has achieved in a few short years is phenomenal,” says Wentworth.

“Their single-minded focus on protecting and enhancing Marlborough’s wine quality is to be admired. I am really looking forward to working alongside many of the region’s flagship wine producers and elevating their collective efforts globally.”

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