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New beer for the carb-conscious

DB Export has launched something pretty special, with its latest variant that has 80% fewer carbohydrates*. DB Export Gold Extra Low Carb is a smooth golden lager with a mild bitterness.

An extended brewing process reduces the carbohydrate quantity to 0.5 g/100ml, with a crisp, clean and refreshing taste.

Sean O’Donnell, DB Breweries Marketing Director says this variant has been developed to meet the growing demand for low carb beers in New Zealand.

“We’ve definitely noticed a growing trend for lower carbohydrate options across the board. Looking at the most recent data, the low carb category is growing at 30% year on year**.  We know that our customers still want to go out for a few with their mates, but that they’re becoming progressively more conscious about what they are drinking.

“DB Export Gold is rated New Zealand’s number one mainstream lager**, so the challenge that our brewery faced was ensuring that taste was still the priority. Taking that first smooth, refreshing sip and keeping as true to the taste of DB Export Gold as possible has been our absolute priority. The team has perfected it and we’re excited for Kiwis to try it.”

DB Export Gold Extra Low Carb is available in supermarkets and liquor retailers around the country.

DB Export Gold Extra Low Carb is available in 12x330ml packs with an RRP of $22.99.

* Compared to the average carbohydrate content of leading beers (by sales volume)

** Nielsen Scan Total Market MAT Jan 2019

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