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Lyre’s debuts augmented reality and Alexa technology

Non-alcoholic spirits brand, Lyre’s, has launched its latest technology-focussed campaign, ‘Anywhere, Anytime’ including an Amazon Alexa skill and an augmented reality ‘Impossible Bar’ experience that showcases elevated recipes and more via your smartphone.

In an extension to its recent global ‘Make it a Lyre’s’ marketing campaign, Lyre’s Impossible Bar AR experience brings the brand’s loveable Social Animals to life, while also unlocking recipes and teaching consumers how to enjoy their drink their way wherever they are.

“We wanted to push the boundaries of what is possible from a marketing perspective, put the consumer in charge and expand our digital interactivity, using Alexa and augmented reality to add more brand depth and information to make it a practical experience, not just a cool bit of tech,” says Lyre’s Chief Marketing Officer, Paul Gloster.

“Both pieces lead to the ‘how’, showcasing drinks and recipes that we know people around the world will love using Lyre’s.”

Ashleigh Murray, Lyre’s SVP eCommerce (Global), says the non-alcoholic spirit category is such a new, innovative movement and like with anything new comes the importance of awareness, education, availability and trial.

“When it came to solving the consumer problem of education, there wasn’t a doubt in our mind that our bottles’ Social Animals needed to come to life to help guide customers to craft the perfect non-alcoholic cocktail,” she says.

“We believe this experience is not only fun and engaging, but is completely functional in addressing education, trial, positive sentiment and repeat purchase.”

In addition to the Impossible Bar, Lyre’s is debuting a technology partnership with Amazon that unlocks a world of non-alcoholic inspiration and education, giving consumers the ability to receive real-time, white-glove bar service at home.

Supported by background music to help set the mood, Kiwis can follow a friendly step-by-step ‘how-to’ of their favourite cocktail without the alcohol (with tips on low-alcoholic versions also) at their own pace.

The ‘Make it a Lyre’s’ Alexa skill can be unlocked through four different utterances, ask Alexa:

“Hey Alexa, open Make it a Lyre’s”
“Hey Alexa, show me how to make a cocktail without alcohol”
“Hey Alexa, show me how to make a non-alcoholic cocktail”
“Hey Alexa, show me how to make an alcohol-free cocktail”

Consumers will then respond to prompts, beginning with requesting the recipe for their favourite cocktail such as an Espresso Martini, Negroni, Cosmopolitan or Manhattan.

“What’s Next?” will allow Kiwis to move onto the next step at their own pace.

The tutorial shares the best proportions of each liquid, along with the right measurement of mixers, garnishes, and syrups to deliver the closest possible match to the original, all minus the alcohol (and fewer calories too).

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