The Shout Magazine (New Zealand)

Jumping Goat lands in Australia

rsz_jumping_goatNew Zealand born brand Jumping Goat, known for its coffee infused vodka and whisky spirit products has just announced it will be available nationwide in Australia as of this week. The company has just signed an import and distribution deal with Red Island Group based in Melbourne, to sell the products throughout Australia.

Jumping Goat was launched only 18 months ago and has proven extremely popular with the late night party crowds in the main centres around New Zealand.  The company’s founder, Ex New Zealand Champion and Commonwealth Games Squash Player, Callum O’Brien says the quality of the ingredients has lead to pretty fast market penetration here in New Zealand.

“We use really good quality organic and fair trade coffee and there is a heap of it going into every bottle so our products actually come with the benefits of good coffee; our bottles have ‘Warms the Heart, Opens the Eyes’ on the front for a reason! I think it is probably for this reason that bartenders seem to have embraced the product and it has become a household name in many of the late night party spots around the country’.

The first pallets of products arrived in Melbourne last week and sales staff will be hitting the street stocked up this week. Red Island Group is an Australian owned company who first made their name in the liquor industry when they brought Rekorderlig Cider into Australia. The ciders made big waves in the booze world and the distribution rights have since been sold to Coca Cola.

O’Brien says Australia is the focus at present, but talks have started with distributors further afield in Thailand, Korea, USA and London.

Jumping Goat launched in 2013 with their coffee infused Vodka and late last year released their second product, a coffee infused Whisky. Both products contain 35% alcohol so pack some punch yet still poses a smooth and real coffee taste far different to other sweet and syrupy coffee liqueurs on the market. Taking their cue from the jumping goats of Ethiopia, which have long known the rejuvenating benefits of the humble coffee bean, and their herdsman Kaldi, who had the good sense to add something a little stronger, Jumping Goat launched in 2013 and have playing a part in late nights out ever since.