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Holiday and working visa changes welcomed by hospo industry

Hospitality New Zealand says it welcomes moves to allow additional workers to enter the country to work in sectors affected by international labour shortages.

Chief Executive Julie White says even though the doubling of numbers under the Working Holiday Scheme and the extension of visas are temporary, they will make a big difference to hospitality businesses struggling without enough staff.

“Labour shortages are our biggest problem right now,” she says.

“Having access to more staff will definitely help businesses open their doors for more days and for longer each day, and it will help improve the well-being of many owners and operators and their staff who have been working long shifts.”

White says the changes will kick in in time for the up-coming summer season, which many businesses will be relying on most heavily after a winter where lack of staff meant they were turning away customers.

“Giving more certainty to workers already here is essential, while the doubling of the Working Holiday Scheme will help, it is no silver bullet, as the reality is, we have a global war on talent.

“We have to make sure we are an attractive place to come to and we are open to welcome these visa holders.”

She says it’s important we have the right policy settings in place to support the hospitality and tourism sectors’ recovery from the effects of the pandemic.

“Hospitality NZ will continue to work with the Minister of Immigration and his team to ensure they know what policy and regulations are required to keep the industry running efficiently.

“This will require continuously reviewing the settings and planning ahead.”

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