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Restaurant Association forms high profile Fair Pay Advisory Group

Restaurant Association forms high profile Fair Pay Advisory Group

The Restaurant Association has announced the establishment of its Fair Pay Agreement Advisory Group, aimed at fostering collaboration and dialogue within the restaurant industry to help guide the bargaining process with the unions.

“We want to bring together a diverse group of members of the Restaurant Association with experience from the various parts of the hospitality industry and geographic locations across New Zealand. This group will help guide our approach, as bargaining party members through the Fair Pay Agreement process, in order to arrive at the best possible outcome for the industry,” said CEO Marisa Bidois.

“Each committee member brings a unique perspective and valuable insights to the table, ensuring a well-rounded and inclusive approach to fair pay agreements,” said Bidois. “We are excited to embark on this journey of collaboration and dialogue, working together to enhance the well-being of our industry’s workforce.”

The Advisory Group will provide a forum for hospitality employers to share perspectives, discuss and unite around the bargaining approach and considerations to help guide the bargaining process and shape the outcome.

The advisory group’s role is to offer advice and opinions on matters related to the FPA, bargaining and other matters that might be related to the FPA process focusing on several key objectives:

• Helping to form a view on matters related to the FPA

• Providing feedback on proposals

• Help form strategy related to the FPA

• Create a collaborative outlook in the group


Marisa Bidois – Chief Executive, Restaurant Association

Aynaz Nowparvar – Legal, Restaurant Association

Allan Fursdon – Legal, Restaurant Association

Sandi Boyden – Industry Groups, Restaurant Association

Steve Logan – Operator – Restaurant, Logan Brown

Krishna Botica – Operator – Catering, Comensa Group

Sacha Thomson – Operator – Bar, Montana Group

Tori Sullivan – Operator – Café & Restaurant, The Bramble

Jon Hassall – Operator – Café, Café Brands Ltd

Margie Holmes – Operator – Restaurant, Little Savanna

Chand Sahrawat – Operator – Restaurant, Cassia, KOL, Sid @ French Cafe

Jazz Steiner Nooyen – Operator – Restaurant, Lone Star Café & Bar Franchise Ltd

Paul Steiner – Operator – Restaurant & Bar, SkyCity

Elizabeth Myburgh – Operator – Café/Takeaway, Muffin Break

Jonny Marinovich – Operator – Food Truck, Gamma Rays/Neon Robot

Lauren Vromans – Operator – Restaurant & Bar, Domino’s Pizza

Kieran Turnbull – Operator – Restaurant & Bar, Foley Hospitality Group

Ingrid Nieuwordt – Operator – Café/Takeaway, Wendys

Steph Noble – Operator – Restaurant, Ozone Coffee

Prue Barton – Operator – Restaurant, Mister Ds

Ricky Lee – Operator – Restaurant, Cocoro

Heta Hudson – Maori Business, Whariki / Findex

Anna Wilson – Operator – Café, Brewed As

Frank Hsu – Operator – Café, Frank’s

Bo Manoonpong – Operator – Restaurant, Siamese Doll, XO, Thai St

Keiran Inglis – Operator – Bar, The Appleshed & Jellyfish

Jim Roberts – Legal Counsel, Hesketh Henry.

“The Fair Pay Agreement Committee is composed of the above key stakeholders who bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. Their insights and contributions will be instrumental in shaping fair pay practices that benefit both employees and employers,” says Bidois.

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