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7 Tips for a great St Paddy’s Day

7 Tips for a great St Paddy’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day falls on Sunday March 17 this year and it can be a fun way to engage customers to create a festive atmosphere. Below are seven key ideas to help you make the most of this celebration of all things Irish!

Special Irish Menu:

Create a special St. Patrick’s Day menu featuring traditional Irish dishes and drinks like corned beef and cabbage, Irish stew, shepherd’s pie, and Irish coffee. Or invent your own corned beef themed burger or pizza! Highlight these items as limited-time offerings to entice customers.

Green Decor and Ambiance:

Transform your restaurant or bar space with green decorations, including tablecloths, banners, and themed centrepieces. Enhance the ambiance with Irish music or live performances, creating a lively and festive atmosphere.

St. Paddy’s Day Promotions:

Offer promotions such as discounts for customers wearing green, special happy hour deals on Irish beers, or “buy one, get one free” on select Irish-themed cocktails. Promote these deals through your social media channels and in-house marketing materials.

Themed Events and Entertainment:

Host St. Patrick’s Day events such as live music with Irish bands, Irish dance performances, or trivia nights with Irish-themed questions. Consider organising a themed party or celebration to draw in a larger crowd.

Social Media Contests:

Launch St. Patrick’s Day-themed contests on your social media platforms. Encourage customers to share pictures of their celebrations at your establishment, use a specific hashtag, and offer prizes for the best-dressed, most creative, or most shared posts.

Family-Friendly Activities:

Make your establishment family-friendly by incorporating activities for children, such as face painting, arts and crafts, or a special children’s menu. This can attract families looking to celebrate the day together.

Remember to start your promotional efforts now, in advance of the day to build anticipation and ensure a successful St. Patrick’s Day celebration for your venue. Utilise various marketing channels, both online and offline, to reach a broader audience and create momentum.

Merchandise Sales:

Consider selling St. Patrick’s Day-themed merchandise such as branded t-shirts, hats, or glassware. This not only adds to the festive atmosphere but also provides an additional revenue stream for your restaurant.

Encourage loyalty by offering discounts or promotions such as loyalty cards for your Irish coffees for future visits, turning St. Patrick’s Day patrons into regular customers.

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