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Guidelines for transporting grapes during the Marlborough harvest

Wine Marlborough Ltd, along with a number of infrastructure partners in the Marlborough region, have created a booklet about safely transporting grapes during the current harvest.

It lists the areas of responsibility and the best practice guidelines for the many people taking part in the harvest – from truck drivers, to machinery operators and everyone else who works to bring in the grapes between now and April.

Wine Marlborough General Manager, Marcus Pickens, says during the harvest, 300,000 tonnes of grapes will be picked from the region’s vineyards and transported to wineries and the booklet has been created to make the whole time safer, and easier.

Because it is a busy time on the roads, Wine Marlborough Ltd and Transporting New Zealand, which critiqued the guide, are asking everyone to watch out for heavy machinery, such as harvesters and grape trucks operating from Koromiko in the north to Kekerengu in the south and up the Wairau Valley.

Transporting New Zealand Sector Adviser, John Bond, says people need to take a bit more care checking their passing distances and to watch out for slow-moving harvesters, tractors with gondolas and the trucks that will be going in and out of vineyards.

He says the guide is the result of a huge amount of consultation from everyone involved in the sector and could become the blueprint for harvest areas all around the country.

To download the free Wine Harvest Guidelines for Transporting Grapes, click here.

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