The Shout Magazine (New Zealand)

BRB goes Bottoms Up at Queenstown’s 1876

An innovative beer system has launched at Queenstown’s iconic 1876 as part of a new partnership with Independent Liquor New Zealand (ILNZ).

The BRB (Boundary Road Brewery) Bottoms Up beer system at 1876 is believed to be the first use of the US invention in New Zealand. It was installed at the popular Queenstown venue in early September as part of the new agreement, which sees 1876 offering ILNZ’s domestic and international beer and cider portfolio, including pouring five BRB products through the unique new hands-free system.

Owner of 1876, Craig Eccles, says the Bottoms Up system benefits his staff and customers. “It gives a keg yield of around 98%, so eliminates wastage and increases revenue. It’s super-fast and efficient as it allows multiple pours at once, so staff can check IDs, transact the purchase or place a food order during the time that would normally be spent pouring the beer. It’s also precisely calibrated, so customers get a ‘Perfect Pour’ every time and spend less time waiting for it!”

The system uses specially designed glasses, each with a metal-ringed hole in the bottom that get sealed with a magnet. When the glass is placed on a Bottoms Up dispenser the nozzle releases the magnet and the dispenser automatically fills the glass from the bottom up to a precise pre-programmed volume. When the bartender removes the glass to serve it, the magnet drops to the bottom and seals it again.

ILNZ District Sales Manager, Daniel Paine, says the system is ideal for the BRB brand. “BRB is always transforming pack formats and varieties on offer to be new and interesting, so the Bottoms Up system allows an innovative platform to showcase that thinking within the on-premise channel.”

He is also looking forward to 1876 presenting ILNZ’s portfolio to Queenstown’s thriving traveler market. “Our beer and cider brands now on offer at 1876 really are an ‘Around the world with 1876 and Independent Liquor.’ Customers will be able to enjoy Estrella Damm from Spain, Asahi from Japan, Pilsner Urquell from the Czech Republic, Carlsberg and Somersby from Denmark, Kingfisher from India, Mountain Goat from Australia and the great New Zealand offerings in BRB and Founders,” he says.

Craig Eccles is excited about the potential of the BRB Bottoms Up system and the new ILNZ offerings at 1876 as the busy summer season approaches. “We are really enthusiastic about our new brands we have on offer. ILNZ has supported the 1876 team in the changeover, providing on-site training and product knowledge so our staff can continue to deliver the best possible service to customers at 1876.”

1876 recently celebrated its seventh year of trading, and is located in Queenstown’s historic old courthouse building on Ballarat Street.