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The biggest RTD brand in the world arrives in New Zealand

The biggest RTD brand in the world is set to make its arrival in New Zealand in late April after months of customer demand.

Following explosive growth in overseas markets such as the US, the UK and Australia, White Claw will begin its expansion further south when it launches in New Zealand from 19th April onwards, in liquor stores nationwide.

Originally launched in Canada in 2016, White Claw quickly became the most iconic and ubiquitous RTD brand in the world, holding more than 55% of the USA market and 30% of the Australian market since its launch there in 2020.

Made from sparkling water, balanced with a pure alcohol base and under 100 calories, White Claw will initially be available in a 4-pack for 355ml cans in three flavours; Lime, Mango and Raspberry.

“We’ve learned through consistent and thorough research and social listening that Kiwis are familiar with White Claw and have been demanding its presence here for some time,” says DB Breweries Senior Marketing Manager, Cormac van den Hoofdakker.

“This will bring a significant shake up to the RTD market in New Zealand and we have no doubt it will be incredibly well-received by our customers and partners.”

A concept store called ‘First Wave’ – stocked with the first shipment of White Claw RTDs – will open its doors for a limited time to satisfy demand ahead of its imminent launch.

First Wave is located in Newmarket, Auckland, and runs for one weekend only from April 5th to April 7th.

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