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Beverage trends predictions for 2023

Custom beverage development company Flavorman is back with what the industry can expect to see in 2023 – tropical and tangy beverages to kick off the new year.

Flavorman compiles the annual trends summary by examining beverage projects that have passed through its laboratory over the last 12 months.

The experts expect more beverages in 2023 that include pineapple, mango, and grapefruit, with floral elderflower and soothing lavender providing a sophisticated essence and a balanced blend of flavours.

Last year, Flavorman correctly predicted beverage market trends including the return of bold classics such as cherry, watermelon, and apple.

“Much like patterns in other markets, we’re predicting a transition toward functionality, simplicity, and natural alternatives in the beverage space,” said David Dafoe, founder and CEO, Flavorman.

“The industry can expect energetic and effervescent flavours, and there will be a big emphasis on simplicity in terms of product appearance. Overall, another big year for changes in trend popularity!”

The expected 2023 beverage shift to tropical and tangy coincides with the general market leaning toward “better-for-you” alternatives, with consumers expected to gravitate toward “less is more” regarding colour, packaging, and design.

Environmentally-friendly materials and sustainable packages are expected to remain a primary focus as the general public seeks recyclable alternatives.

Additionally, the market is expected to see an emphasis on clean ingredient statements.

Flavorman experts expect functional ingredients from natural sources to continue trending upward with nods toward subtle sweetness and the inclusion of elements with reputable health benefits.

“2023 is shaping up to be another year of returning to simplicity when it comes to beverages,” said Tom Gibson, chief flavorist, Flavorman.

“The ongoing clean and natural trend in the beverage space shows us how the quality of ingredients is shaping how consumers value what they’re drinking, and there is now a constant emphasis on what we’re fuelling our bodies with along with the added health benefits.”

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