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Auckland hospitality scene invited to attend Saluties

Photo credit: The Saluties/Admiral’s Salute Cocktail/Facebook

As part of his Bacardi Legacy promotion, Darren Mynes bar manager of Ostro, has created an awards night to salute the hard working people of the Auckland hospitality scene.

The Saluties will take place on Sunday the 29th of January at Las Vegas on K-road and all who work in the Auckland hospitality scene are invited to attend. The aim of these awards is to acknowledge the hard work and effort put in by the people in this industry, much like is done at the Lewisham awards each year.

“Having been nominated for the Emerging Talent Award in the Lewishams in 2014, I know what a great feeling it is to get recognized by your peers for doing a good job, this is a feeling I want to share with the whole hospitality community,” says Mynes.

Darren is the creator of the Admiral’s Salute cocktail which is inspired by that overwhelming feeling you get at the end of a successful endeavor and the drink is a salute to all the hard work and effort you put in along your journey. The Saluties are an extension of this drink and an opportunity to acknowledge those who work hard while enjoying yourself after a busy Christmas period.

To learn more about The Saluties, contact Darren Mynes.

Phone: 022 186 0014