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Archie Rose Bone Dry Gin Is Taking Juniper To New Heights

If you’re a fan of juniper-forward gins, you’ll want to try the extravaganza that is Archie Roses’ driest, and perhaps most drinkable gin yet. Titled Bone Dry Gin, the limited-edition spirit is the first gin to be released from Archie Rose’s new Botany distillery, so it’s fitting that it focuses on highlighting gin’s foremost botanical.

This triple juniper tipple works to elevate the pine, citrus, woody and floral elements, supported by a cast of single estate Australian coriander seed, Tahitian lime and lemon-scented gum.

Nodding to time-honoured dry gins, the resulting spirit offers a supple start on the palate that makes way for a bold balance of citrus and herbaceous intensity that dovetails to a profoundly pine-laden dry finish. Perfect for stirring into your next Martini, Bone Dry Gin is complex, powerful and a true juniper experience, offering drinkers clarity of flavour that’s unlike anything else on the market.

The star of the show, hand-foraged Macedonian juniper, is cold and hot distilled using three different methods using Archie Rose’s world-class copper pot stills, which eliminate the damaging impact of heat and allow for the creation of three distinct expressions.

This best-in-class three-part distillation process rewrites the traditional blueprint and places this spirit in a league of its own. In the short time it has been broadly available, Bone Dry Gin has already taken home World’s Best Gin at the 2021 World Gin Masters (Asia), a Gold Medal at the 2021 Australian Distilled Spirits Awards, Best Australian Gin at the Dan Murphy’s 2022 Decoded Spirits Awards, Double Gold at the 2022 SIP Awards and most recently Best New Product at the ALIA’s 2022.

Described by Master Distiller Dave Withers as “an iron fist in a velvet glove,” Bone Dry Gin rigorously balances a huge amount of raw power with nuance, poise and complexity to reveal an elaborate juniper experience that makes for a hedonistic encounter with a bracingly dry finish.

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