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Appellation Marlborough strengthens wine certification process

Since its establishment in 2018, Appellation Marlborough Wine (AMW) has been responsible for the development of strict quality criteria for certification and lobbying local and national bodies for tighter industry regulation

It also developed and released the Wine Map of Marlborough – a vital resource for understanding the region’s diversity.

AMW’s strict quality certification process requires wines to be sourced exclusively from sustainably-registered vineyards within the region, bottled domestically, and independently verified by an experienced tasting panel.

This year, members of AWW have announced they have unanimously agreed to further strengthen the quality criteria by introducing a minimum sugar ripeness level.

With the exception of fruit destined for low-alcohol product, wine must be made exclusively from grapes exceeding 18 Brix at harvest. This figure aligns with comparable wine regions in Europe.

In addition, all AMW certified wine must be sourced from a more limited area, which is demarcated on the organisation’s Wine Map of Marlborough.

“Now more than ever, consumers can be assured that every one of our AMW certified wines, are an authentic, quality expression of our region. It’s a measure of our members commitment, that this has been passed unanimously,” says AMW Chairperson John Buchanan.

AMW certified wines and their producers can be found at

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