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Another craft brewery heads down the canning line

NLN Newsletter - 6 August 2014 - North End - photoNorth End Brewing has confirmed that when their brewery opens later this year their beers will be canned rather than bottled.  This small new brewing company, run by Todd Cameron, Aaron Wagstaff and Kieran Haslett-Moore, currently contract brew their products at Upper Hutt’s Kereru Brewery but are looking forward to finishing their own facility on the Kapiti Coast, north of Wellington.

Once operational, they will join a growing number of craft brewers using cans including Hot Water, Three Boys, Garage Project and Baylands.  Harrington’s are expected to join the can crowd shortly.

The North End team believe that cans are better for beer and provide a number of reasons why.  However, they have some stern words for those who choose to drink directly from the can rather than pouring into a glass.  North End warns:

“And while we are talking about drinking from the can, if you do it’s most definitely your own prerogative but you will be depriving yourself of the aromas I have painstakingly crafted in the beer by removing your nose from the taste process.”

Confronting the perception problem front on, North End argue “For many beer drinkers cans carry an association of cheap mainstream lager, however, just like the move from cork to screw caps in the wine world, the perception shift will come.”