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A beer a day can reduce risk of heart disease

A recent study published in the journal Nutrients has revealed that moderate beer consumption of one beer per day for women and one to two beers per day for men is associated with decreased incidence of cardiovascular disease and overall mortality, among other health benefits.

Brewers Association of New Zealand Executive Director Dylan Firth says that while it has been shown in many studies over the years that moderate consumption of alcohol has a number of positive physical and social elements, it is encouraging to see this latest meta-analysis of international studies confirming it.

“The study was very clear in its conclusions that moderate beer drinking decreases cardiovascular risk and overall mortality,” he says.

“In addition, moderate consumption decreases diabetes risk in men, increases bone mineral density, lowering the risk of fracture in the elderly, and does not seem to be associated with general or abdominal obesity.”

Firth says it is important to note that the levels of beer consumption highlighted in the study align well with and what over 80% of the population are already doing.

“Just released Government research shows most New Zealanders drink at or below the recommended weekly limit of the Ministry of Health’s Low-risk Alcohol Drinking Advice.

“New Zealand are a nation of beer lovers but changing consumption trends have shown that we are choosing to drink less and look towards quality over quantity.

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