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1919 Distilling – New Zealand’s Gin 

1919 Gin

The award-winning Auckland Distillery 1919 Distilling has been focusing on traditional yet complex gins since 2017.  

Soren Crabb, 1919 Distilling Founder

1919 Classic is a complex, bold gin that is batch distilled in a custom made 600L still. Each batch is macerated for 24 hours in a neutral base made from molasses. Molasses was chosen as the fermentable for the base spirit due to the complexity and mouth feel it provides, using molasses is also a time honored tradition.

Botanicals include oranges and lemons, Otago cherries and manuka honey. The cherries and manuka honey help round out the gin with a delicate floral finish. Best enjoyed over ice or with a premium tonic. 

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