The Shout Magazine (New Zealand)

A New House Gin in Town

weekender gin

Introducing Weekender, the new house gin you don’t need to reach top shelf for! This everyday craft gin, created by Kiwis for Kiwis, offers a premium, craft gin experience without the hefty price tag.

Weekender Gin captures the essence of sun-kissed kiwi summer days, and long warm playful nights. Crafted for everyday enjoyment or creating memories with friends on your weekend adventures.

Designed to appeal to modern consumers, Weekender delivers a local craft character and quality, premium spirits at an affordable price.

Chris of Blush Gin recognised an emerging segment of modern younger more price sensitive gin buyers, but felt existing products in the market weren’t relatable to a local audience.

“International entrants to the segment seemed out of touch with Kiwi consumers and their needs, so we created the Weekender range and brand to better resonate with our local customers and deliver a premium local craft product that was affordable. And so far the reception has been exceptional!”

Weekender proves that local craft doesn’t have to come with a premium price tag. This house gin, available at a reasonable mid-range price, will not make you reach for the top shelf anymore.

Weekender’s range of gins are of premium quality, infused with real flavours and botanicals. Vibrant and approachable, they’re perfect for anyone newer non-traditional gin drinkers.

Our flavoured gins are designed to pair well with a range of premium tonics and sodas from both local and offshore brands. The right mixer can enhance the drink’s taste, revealing different characteristics and previously hidden flavours.

Cocktails and mixers should also be simple and accessible for modern drinkers. No need for fussy and hard-to-find ingredients. Just pure, delicious simplicity.

We promote specific pairings to enhance the Weekender experience. Whether served from behind the bar or made at home, these combinations promise an exceptional palate-pleasing experience. From a potent Negroni with our Orange gin to the unexpected pairing of our Peach gin and East Imperial Thai Ginger Ale.

Elevate your house gin game with Weekender. Available in four variations: Classic Dry, Lemon, Peach, and Orange.