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Prohibition Original Gin, Australia 

prohibition gin

Prohibition Gin is the culmination of a vision to recreate the genuine spirit of clandestine heritage, with contemporary craftsmanship and top-notch botanical ingredients. Our unique flavour story starts with a tinge of blood… Blood orange and ruby red grapefruit delivers freshness & brightness, taking juniper, and ginger root on a journey away from the standard. We utilise wormwood, a banned substance in the prohibition era, better known for creating absinthe – to bring depth and complexity. Finally, lashings of native lemon myrtle and lavender are delivered in tandem with subtle green tea and vanilla to soften the finish and draw out the palate. The result is a sophisticated, deep flavour – with notes of fresh citrus, and a warm peppery finish.

42% ABV
RRP: $135.99
Distributor: Thirsty Camel Limited
Phone: (0800) 844 778