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Smoky malt whisky enthusiasts will plunge deep under the sea for Ardbeg Day 2017

Ardbeg Day is set to return to New Zealand for its sixth year, welcoming whisky enthusiasts to pay tribute to deep-sea legends with the release of the limited edition Ardbeg Kelpie at Embassies around the country on Saturday June 3rd.

Smoky malt whisky fans are invited to gather at Ardbeg Embassies across the globe to raise a dram on Ardbeg Day which takes place on the final Saturday of the annual Islay Whisky Festival Feis Ile in Scotland.

Perched on the southern coast of Islay, the Ardbeg Distillery has forever held a deep association with the ocean, where tales of mythical creatures like Kelpies lure unsuspecting islanders into the watery depths. This year, Ardbeg Day will take whisky connoisseurs under the sea to bring those legends to life with seafood canapes and themed activities on offer at each of the four standing New Zealand Ardbeg Embassies.

“Each year Ardbeg Day is a key date that whisky drinkers look forward to around the world. We are excited to bring the mysterious legends from the distillery to New Zealand as we celebrate these ancient myths and reveal the newest 2017 Ardbeg bottling,” says Senior Brand Manager of Ardbeg Whisky, Ali Campbell.

In celebration of these legendary water beings, New Zealander’s will be among the first in the world to unveil Ardbeg’s latest single malt scotch whisky, the 2017 special edition Ardbeg Kelpie. With a limited number of bottles available in the country, kiwis will be able to purchase this special release bottling from 9:30am on Saturday June 3rd.

Perched on the southern coast of Islay, the Ardbeg Distillery

This year’s limited edition bottling is the first to be matured in Black Sea casks which are renowned for imparting a unique intensity to the worlds smokiest, peatiest Islay malt whisky. Kelpie begins with an intense aroma of oily peat, smoked fish and hints of seaweed, followed by a rich crescendo of treacle coffee, smoky bacon and lots of dark chocolate. The finish seemingly lasts forever with deep flavours of clove, tar and toffee.

Ardbeg Day will begin at 9:30am on Saturday June 3rd at Ardbeg Embassies located in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.