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Seven Sharp checks Wellington’s shot servings

The Shout eNewsletter - 29 July - Seven Sharp Bar Challenge - HeatherTV One’s primetime show Seven Sharp investigated the size of whisky pours at seven bars on Wellington’s “Party Strip” of Courtenay Place.  Reporter Heather Du Plessis-Allan ordered a double whisky at each establishment and covertly measured the results against the industry standard of 30mls.  She reported that “most, but unfortunately not all, gave us a good deal.”

The story runs from 2:50 minutes to 7:00 minutes in the video with some more commentary at 17:00 where Mike Hosking asserts that hospitality is in a boom.  He is also quite obsessed about a double whisky costing $9 and is (rightly) mocked by his co-host as being out of touch.

The episode also includes stories on cycling, judo, body language on political billboards, Colin Craig’s eyes, lightning strikes, the Queen photo bombing athletes and adoption.

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