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New Zealand Winegrowers announces Fellows for 2022

Rose and Jim Delegat

New Zealand Winegrowers has announced its Fellows for 2022, recognising individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the New Zealand wine industry.

Inducted as Fellows of New Zealand Winegrowers are Dominic Pecchenino, Jim and Rose Delegat, Clive Paton and Phyll Pattie, and Chris Howell.

“The Roll of Fellows honours the modern pioneers of the New Zealand wine industry,” says says Clive Jones, Chair of New Zealand Winegrowers.

“We wholeheartedly thank Dominic, Jim, Rose, Clive, Phyll and Chris for their years of service, and their role in shaping the New Zealand wine industry to be what it is today.”

All the 2022 Fellows have worked over many decades for the “betterment of the wine industry,” says Clive. “The work of these individuals enables a small industry like ours to punch above our weight on the world stage, and we thank them for their efforts.”

Dominic Pecchenino: for services to wine and grape industry research

Dominic Pecchenino, originally from the USA, is a Marlborough-based grape grower and consultant, who has served industry organisations for more than two decades, during which time he has had a particular focus on research.

Pecchenino served on the Wine Marlborough Board for 12 years, including serving three years as Chair. Nationally, he served as a member of the NZ Grape Growers Council from 2005 to 2014, and was a Board member of New Zealand Winegrowers from 2005 to 2020.

He chaired the Research Committee from 2006 to 2020 playing a leading role in the development of research programmes through that period.

Pecchenino’s commitment to an industry led research programme culminated with the foundation of the Bragato Research Institute as an industry-owned and directed research entity.

He served on the foundation Board of the Bragato Research Institute until his retirement from industry organisations in 2020.

Jim and Rosemari Delegat: for services to exporting and industry organisations

Jim and Rose Delegat, a brother and sister combination, have built one of New Zealand’s most successful wine businesses through a lifetime’s involvement in the New Zealand wine industry.

Beyond growing Delegat into one of our largest wineries, they have made an extensive contribution to the development of the wider industry.

Rose was deeply involved in export marketing in the 1980s and 1990s, a pivotal time in the development of the modern New Zealand export wine industry.

Rose was a member of the Wine Institute’s Export Subcommittee from 1987-1990, chair of the UK-focussed group during that time and played a pivotal role in the development of the NZ Wine Guild that led export activity in our largest market during the 1990s.

Jim has been deeply involved in industry affairs over many years. He first joined the Wine Institute Board in 1985, serving as both an alternate and full director through to 1996, the critical time period during which the industry was pivoting from a domestic to an international focus.

He re-joined the Wine Institute Board in the 2000s, serving between 2005 and 2016, and served on the New Zealand Winegrowers Board from 2007 to 2016.

Phyll Pattie and Clive Paton: for services to sustainability and Pinot Noir

Phyll Pattie and Clive Paton are business and life partners who have made an immense contribution to Pinot Noir, Martinborough and sustainability in the industry.

Clive planted some of the first of the famous Abel Pinot Noir clones in the early 1980s, while Phyll was one of just a handful of female winemakers at that time.

They joined forces in 1987 and have built Ata Rangi into the widely respected producer and brand that it is today. Ata Rangi have been industry pioneers in sustainability. They were part of the pioneering Living Wine group that obtained ISO accreditation in the 1990s, and have been strong advocates for organics and ethical framing practices ever since.

In 2003 Ata Rangi purchased 300 acres of land south of Martinborough where Clive and Phyll have since planted some 75,000 native trees, including thousands of threatened rata.

Chris Howell: for services to industry organisations and education

Chris Howell, a Hawke’s Bay based grower has passionately served New Zealand grape and wine industry organisations for over nearly 30 years, first at regional level and then nationally.

He joined the Hawke’s Bay Grape Growers as a Committee member in 1997, serving as President between 2000 and 2004. With the formation of a united industry organisation in Hawke’s Bay, Chris served on the Hawke’s Bay Winegrowers Board from 2005-2007.

Nationally, Howell was elected to the New Zealand Grape Growers Council between 2000 and 2004. He was a New Zealand Winegrowers Board member from 2005 to 2016 and worked on a number of committees including the Sustainability Committee.

Howell always had had an interest in education and training and at various times served on the Eastern Institute of Technology Advisory Committee and Council, and the Hort ITO Advisory Committee.

He played a key role in establishing the Young Viticulturist of the Year competition and continues to serve the industry as a Trustee of the Bragato Trust which provides scholarships for students.

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