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And The Saluties winners are…

The Saluties winners

As part of his Bacardi Legacy promotion, Darren Mynes, bar manager of Ostro, created an awards night to salute the hard-working people of the Auckland hospitality scene. The Saluties took place at Las Vegas on K-road and the winners were…

Bar Back Ninja: This person is the hero on a busy night, the re-filler of ice and re-stocker of fridges. They get jobs get done before you have even thought of them.

WINNER: Ben Newman – The Gin Room

Unbreakable: This person can do a week of 15 hour shifts and still be the friendliest member of staff. They are unflappable on those busy nights and keep everyone motivated.

WINNER: Jeremy Nivern – Mea Culpa

Most Legit Crew: There is no ‘I’ in team. This award is for the best team in our hospitality community, from manager to glassie – everyone plays a vital role.

WINNER: Caretaker

Coolest Brand Cat: This is an industry professional who looks after a brand and who is as they say, ‘always a pleasure, never a chore’.

WINNER: Chase Bickerton – Lion Nathan (Bacardi)

Watch This Space: Who is the person you see being the next legend of our hospitality community.

WINNER: Scott Kirk – Bedford Soda & Liquor

Professor Frink: This is the person that no matter how random the question you ask, they will have an answer for you that’s not “just Google it”.

WINNER: Dan King – Mouthful